Welcome to the COPAS of Dallas Website


COPAS was created in 1961 to provide a forum for discussing and solving the more difficult problems related to accounting for oil & gas. COPAS has grown to 24 local Societies and over 2,700 members in the United States and Canada.

COPAS places strong emphasis in providing quality educational materials related to oil & gas accounting. Local Societies offer educational programs. COPAS also sponsors a certification program called the Accredited Petroleum Accountants Program (APA).

Some advantages of COPAS membership include:

  • A network of knowledgeable industry peers

  • Opportunities to participate in setting industry accounting guidelines

  • Educational opportunities

  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills

  • Social events

Our Mission

COPAS of Dallas is dedicated to the following principles and purposes:

  • to provide members an opportunity to study and analyze accounting, auditing and other problems in the petroleum industry and to exchange
    constructive ideas relating to such problems;

  • to associate with persons engaged in petroleum accounting for the mutual benefit of all;

  • to study taxation as applied to the petroleum industry;

  • to work with other appropriate organizations on matters relating to petroleum finance and accounting;

  • to inform the public on matters concerning the petroleum industry; 

  • to provide representation to the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) and to be involved in local and national COPAS projects and activities.